Please submit the form below to refer someone for bonding by Colorado Freedom Fund (CFF). A CFF volunteer will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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Please enter the total bond amount required to free your person. We are not bond agents nor do we pay towards their fees. We post the bonds in full directly to the jail, in our name, so that the money returns to us upon case resolution.


Colorado Freedom Fund does not assess or consider what the state calls "risk" in making bonding decisions. We do however care deeply about NEED. If we are able to post the bond, what does this person need to be successful in returning to court and completing their case-if known? (ride from jail? bus pass? phone reminders? ride to court?) Is there anything else we need to know about this person or their situation that will help us support them?


We post at different facilities on a regular schedule. If approved the bond will usually be posted within a week of receiving the request. If there are exceptional circumstances we will try to do so sooner. We will email you to let you know once a bond has been posted.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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