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Minnesota Freedom Fund provides bail assistance for those facing incarceration due to an inability to pay said bail. PLEASE NOTE: We post bail in the state of Minnesota only. If you need bail assistance in another state, you may be able to find a local bail fund at

MFF provides need-based assistance. Neither race (or perceived race), orientation, or gender affect a person's eligibility to receive assistance. However, we do prioritize those who face the greatest level of danger and marginalization in detention. Our list of priority groups can be found in our F.A.Q on our website. MFF recognizes that the criminal legal system is racist. We collect race data about the people we serve to ensure that our impact counteracts these racial disparities rather than contributes to them. This information is for statistical purposes and helps us tell the story of bail setting practices in Minnesota.

All attorneys must obtain a signed Assignment of Bail to a Third Party Form. You can find that form here.

All attorneys submitting this request on behalf of their clients are expected to inform clients that by signing the form and providing the details listed below, they are making a formal request for bail, but with no guarantee MFF will pay. If you need access to these documents or have further questions about making a referral, please email:

REMINDER: MFF requires these steps to be completed for the referral to be considered a formal request. Incomplete referrals will not be considered.

Please fill out the below form to submit a criminal bail referral on behalf of a detained individual.

All fields marked with * are required.

Your client must understand that the judge may forfeit their bail if they do not abide by conditions of release or miss a court appearance. Our assistance is paid for with donations. We are a revolving fund, meaning we use funds repeatedly as court cases resolve; therefore, a forfeiture will affect dozens of requests moving forward. This needs to be emphasized with clients before MFF is willing to pay.

We require signed forms stating that bail money will be refunded to Minnesota Freedom Fund and not the client once their case is resolved.

It is necessary that MFF can contact your client after they are released. Please provide a valid phone number if possible. If unavailable, enter "Unknown."

Note: We do not make collections calls.

What is the home address of your client? This can include a P.O. Box number as well as a shelter where they often stay (Please indicate if it it is a shelter/Halfway House/Treatment Facility). If they do not have a permanent address or their address is unknown, enter "N/A" in all address fields

What is your client's case number(s)? Please only list the case number with bail set if there are multiple. If there are other case numbers with the same bail amount, please note if paying for one will cover the others as well or if each case needs to be paid separately.

While a history of failure to appear (FTA) will not disqualify an application, we would appreciate any explanation that can be given along with notes on improvements to the circumstances around recent FTA's.

Please tell us if there are any special concerns we should be aware of that put your client at risk for harm because they are detained? (ex, Fear of ICE, chemical dependency, pregnancy, homelessness, individual on suicidal watch, trans individuals, health concerns, caretaker, might lose housing or job, etc.)

Please list a support person who can be contacted once your client is set to be released from custody. This can be a family member, a friend, a teacher, a caseworker, a religious leader, or anyone else supporting this person. We will contact this person to let them know when a person's bail is about to be paid so they can make any necessary transportation arrangements. Do not list yourself as a release contact unless you have a relationship with your client where you provide more for them than reminding them of a court date.

We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis and will try to get back to you as soon as possible if the request is within our limits. As a reminder, we prioritize populations most harmed in this system. If you would like to see these priority groups, visit the F.A.Q on our website. Unless there is a change in your client's case, please only submit one application. Thank you.

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