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Where is the person being held in jail?

Our organization only operates within Washington State. If you are looking for help for someone being held in another state, you can check The Bail Project or National Bail Fund Network to find a bail fund located near you.

WA counties

Within WA, we are limited to locations where we have volunteers in place. In Eastern Washington there is a bail fund in Spokane County - you can make a request to them at The Bail Project. In Western Washington, we currently have volunteers mostly in Seattle and the surrounding counties listed below. If you are in a county not shown on this list, you may continue to submit a request but we may not be able to assist you.

We've had several attempts to pay bail go un-released due to outstanding holds. Please double check and confirm they will be released when we pay.

While a history of FTA will not disqualify an application, we would appreciate any explanation that can be given along with notes on improvements to the circumstances around recent FTA's

Our clients must understand that we will forfeit these funds if they don't abide by conditions of release or miss court appearances. Our assistance is paid for with hard sought donations, and we are a revolving fund, meaning we use funds over and over as court cases resolve, therefore, a forfeiture will affect dozens of requests moving forward. This really needs to be emphasized with clients before we pay.

Please provide the name and contact information (both phone number and email address) for family members, friends, teachers, case-workers, religious leaders, or anyone else who is supporting this person. Please provide as many names and contact information as possible.

What is their TOTAL BAIL AMOUNT? (NOTE: this is the amount set by the judge, not the 10% fee or the amount being charged by a bondsman. You can confirm the total bail amount by looking them up here:

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