Bail Assistance Request: Attorneys/Paralegals

Due to the disproportionate impacts the criminal punishment system has on non-white and non-cisgender people and our limited funds, the bail fund will prioritize requests for people who are non-white and non-cisgender. Factors that we will additionally prioritize and consider include but are not limited to health factors, pregnancy, impending loss of job, housing or shelter bed, caretaking responsibilities, and potential separation of families.

NCBF cannot always provide advance notice or scheduling of bail posting. We currently cannot and do not offer additional services or support other than paying bail; we just want to be sure we do not interfere with release plans made by other people. If social workers or jail release planners are involved in providing housing/mental health/substance use support, are you expecting us to hold off bail posting until we've coordinated with them?

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Ideally, we can assist every person who needs bail assistance. However, given that we only have so many funds, we do prioritize those with marginalized identities given they are disproportionately impacted by the criminal legal system.

It is helpful for NCBF to be able to make contact with your client. Please provide a phone number if at all possible. If you do not have a phone number, enter "Unknown".

Please provide the name and contact information (both phone number and email address) for family members, friends, teachers, case-workers, religious leaders, or anyone else who is supporting this person. Please provide as many contacts as possible.

We've had several attempts to pay bail go un-released due to outstanding holds. Please double check and confirm they will be released when we pay.

While a history of FTA will not disqualify an application, we would appreciate any insight that can be given into frequent FTAs along with notes on support in place for your client’s successful outcome for attending court in the future.

Are there risk factors to be aware of that create the conditions for extreme harm? Example risk factors include (but are not limited to): mental health, physical health (incl. pregnancy), or caretaking responsibilities.

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